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Industrial Thermocouple Stud Welder

The SCD-01G welder is designed for sensor manufacturers to produce commercial grade thermocouple junctions, and by users of large numbers of exposed junction thermocouples such as test and development laboratories where multipoint temperature sensing of test pieces is required.

Tenchnical Specifications :

Model SCD-01G
Welding range Dia. 1.2 Mm X 2 Wire (175 Jouls)
Welding Material Thermocouple Wire
Charging Voltage 10 - 45 V.D.C.
Input Power 230 Volts 5 Amps A.C.
ARGON GAS (For Pre & Post Flow) 8Mm Tube Gas Input Connection
Housing Dimenstions (L X W X H) 240 X 310 X 170 mm
Weight 8 Kg